What is your brand communicating to your customers?

I was recently writing a business plan for a client and was in the business model section. They have a killer brand, and some great products such as merchandise and products. They are building great brand equity and are doing very good. Then I asked them “What does your brand communicate?”

This question got me thinking about a company I owned. We made the best, according to my customers, all natural cleaning products. And that’s what we wanted the brand Seaside Naturals to convey to our customers; we have the best all natural products out there. So now I have a chance to sit back and think, what as a business owner did I do to support this brand communication?

For instance, if your brand conveys high quality, you should be constantly testing your products against other products on the market to make sure yours are the best. You also should put your money where your mouth is and give a guarantee – if they are the best no one should take you up on this guarantee, and if they do, well, you need to find out why.

So I ask you, what does your brand communicate to your customer; low cost, better selection, high quality? And if so, what are you doing in your business to make sure what you are communicating is the truth?

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