To blog or not to blog should not be a question

We get the question all the time – “Should we have a company blog?” We always say yes and explain all the benefits of having a blog. But were our recommendations correct, real and able to be backed up by hard figures that showed the benefits of a company having a blog? We wanted to know.

Recently, we began looking at the metrics of companies that have a blog verses ones that don’t and were quite amazed with the statistics. Blogging is showing to be a benefit to businesses that sell to consumers (B2C) as well as businesses that focus sales to other businesses (B2B).

As we suspected, there is a dramatic increase in monthly leads for businesses that blog and sell to consumers. But we were surprised with the amount of median monthly leads that businesses selling to other businesses benefited from blogging as well. This is a strong indicator that B2B should have a blogging presence.

But what social media channels are most effective whether your business focuses on B2B or B2C? As suspected, the businesses that focus on consumer are having great success using Facebook and business to business companies have more success using LinkedIn, which is more of a business oriented network. But both B2B and B2C companies have the second most success in acquiring customers using a company blog.

The next question we get a lot is how often to blog. While we feel it is up to the business owners how often they think their blog needs updating, we wanted to see how often businesses were blogging. According to HubSpot, the sweet spot for blogging has been posting weekly, with more businesses doing it this year than last. And a lot of businesses are posting 2-3 times a week.

The data is clear, whether you are a company focusing on B2B or B2C, having a company blog is a great way to attract leads and customers.

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