Three social media tips for the holidays

For the majority of retail channels, the two biggest sales months of the year are in the holiday season months of November and December. Are your Social Media channels making the most of this holiday season? If not, you may be missing out on a huge opportunity.

Recent studies have proven Social Media to be a driving force in influencing purchase decisions creating huge potential for socially savvy brands. According to word-of-mouth marketing firm Mr. Youth, 66% of social media users who made a Black Friday/Cyber Monday purchase did so as a direct result of social media interactions with brands, family members or friends.

With as many as 86% of social media users making or receiving holiday gift recommendations, looking to conversations on social media has become an integral part of consumer buying behavior. One that cannot be ignored.

To help you capitalize on this holiday season and drive sales for your brand, we’ve listed three tips to make sure you are making the most of your holiday social media presence.

Give Your Audience Something to Talk About

Kick-start conversations by providing them with visually compelling content about your product. If your audience is already a fan of a specific product or feature, you have just armed them with an advertisement that they can share with their friends and recommend your product. You can also provide real life examples of user feedback to jump-start the conversations that are driving purchase decisions.

Engage Your Audience

Social media is most effective when you create conversations between you and your audience rather than using it as a broadcast channel to promote your product.

Get your community talking by asking them questions related to your content. If your brand sells travel deals, ask your community about where their favorite vacation destination is. If you are in the catering business, ask your audience what their favorite holiday foods are.

Starting the conversation is the best way to make sure it happens.

Show Your Brands Personality and Have Fun

Social media is the perfect medium for giving your company a voice. If you’ve hosted a holiday party or participated in a community service project, talk about it and share photos from the event on Twitter and Facebook. Consider making your Twitter page more festive with a holiday background or changing your Facebook profile picture to put your visitors in the shopping mood.

Tis’ the season!

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