Social Media Network Strategy by Darren Rouse

I have been noticing that lately I have been spending a majority of my free time on my facebook page and my twitter account and not writing too much on my blog here. While it is important to expand your reach into new and existing networks, you also do not want to let you home base, in this case my blog go stale (actually, InnoGage has a great product called InnoBlogs that wont allow for blogs to go stale, a MUST for business blogging!)

I saw this video by Darren Rouse of ProBlogger and he talks about exactly what was happening to me. I was not spending time in my core or my blog, as he puts it, but was spending a lot of time in my outposts.

While it is important to connect in these outposts, it is also a good idea to build your core business blog or web site as well. He gives a great overview of how this works, as well as some other tips for building your own social media networking strategy. He gives a real example of a business he created and building relationships with similar sites.

If you are looking to build a successful social media networking strategy, I suggest you take a look at this video. Darren Rouse is the master of blogging!

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