One of the best ways to get what you want – ask

Somebody taught me long ago that one of the first things you need to do to be able to get what you want is to be able to ask for it. But it seems difficult for some people to be able to ask for what they want. When I am in business and selling me something, I almost always gave a discount if someone asked me for one. Whenever I go somewhere, I always ask if there is a discount. More than half the time I get between 10% and 30% off, just by asking. And if they don’t offer me a discount, that is fine too.

One time I opened my Verizon wireless bill and saw it was $400 more than normal. Seems I had gone over by 900 minutes on my account. Instead of calling them up and yelling and bitching out the customer service agent, I politely said that the mistake was mine, I failed to keep track of the minutes and is there anything we can do to reduce the charges now and in the future. I was accountable and asked for what I wanted. She said she would be happy to go over my plan with me and knocked off $300. Now, I am not saying this will happen to you or you will get the same results, but remember to ask for what you want.

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