How a Web Site goes from Concept to Reality

A lot of clients ask me “What is the process of creating a website?” The way we work here at One World Social Media is not to tell you what WE would like to see, we find out what YOU like and then work with YOU to customize it to make it user friendly, Search Engine Optimized SEO and had the Branding required to promote your service, product or business.

For example, my good friend Greg S. Reid, was looking for a fresh new look for his web site. I first asked him to show me a few web sites he liked. After he showed me the one he really liked, I took it and moved some things around and added his personal information to individualize it for his business model, he is a keynote speaker, best selling author and film director. So he had certain products and services he offered. Here is the original mock up of what the first revision of the mock up looked like.

Once this was established, several meetings with the client took place where they expressed their likes and dislikes. This is important to know exactly what you want for you site. Since this site will be a reflection of you and your brand, only you know what is going to work and what is not. From there I take the notes from the meeting and come up with second mock up reflecting these changes – all the time keeping in consideration Search Engine Optimization (SEO), keywords to use and ease of user interaction.

Finally, one the client is happy and all edits are completed, all the supporting pages are completed with the same look and feel as the home page and then the final version is uploaded to the hosting server. Click on any of the images to expand them so you can see the notes for the design of the site.

If you would like a web site or need to re-brand your current one, then please feel free to contact us and let us know how we can help you. Click Here

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