Google Wave for collaborative communications

Recently a friend of mine sent me a really neat video about Google Wave. It shows what it is, the purpose of it, how it is better and why I need it. My marketing hat goes off to for doing an excellent job of explaining the benefits of Google Wave.

It really started me thinking about all the email threads I have been a part of in my many years as a programmer or business developer. This intertwined threading nightmare rally comes to light if you have to go back and attempt to reconstruct a thought process of a threaded email from over a year ago. Recently someone asked me to the reason why we did something. I quickly found the email, but it took about 45 minutes to follow what was being said, buy whome and why the decision was made. Had we been using Google Wave, we could have played it back and watched the email conversation take place over a year later. Pretty cool.

I am going to start to use Google Wave in the next several months and will comment when I find some cool things. Thanks Simone for showing me this video!

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