Goal Setting for business and life

We all have BIG plans for the New Year. This next year will be the best year of our lives, things will be different, and my New Years resolution will allow for this to happen.

Gal Setting. While some people achieve their goals, most fall short or don’t even come close. Why is that? There are a number of reasons why; lack of desire, lack of accountability or just no will power. Whatever the case may be, we need to be easier on ourselves and have a plan when we set these goals so we can see what we are going to need to accomplish this goal and what it will take to get us there.

There is a great tool I have come across from Zig Ziglar. I allows us to put thought into setting these goals for ourselves. What obstacles are we going to face achieving this goal, what skills are required and what benefits will we realize? And finally, what is you plan to make this happen?

I hope you take a look at this and set a goal or two for the next year. I will set some myself with this worksheet and let you know over the next few months how I am doing!

Have a happy New Year.

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